Let Us Read, Let Us Dance - Voltaire

I used to be that kid in school who always had her nose in a book. I didn’t mind what it was; I was a reader, from cereal boxes to classics and everything in between. As I have gotten older my need to read hasn’t diminished, but the time I allocate to it has. I hate to say I’m too busy as I honestly feel that you provide time for the things you value, but after a day in the office I come home to the boy, make dinner, and we chill out together, or I see friends. Reading is a pretty solitary activity (unless you are in a reading club) and it’s hard to share it with other people, so it tends to take a back seat to spending time with people.

But since I have been in New York and found myself with a lot more solitary time, my age-old best friend is back. Evenings are spent curled up on the sofa exploring different people’s lives and taking adventures with new friends, and weekends with no plans become long days laying in a sunny park, visiting lands afar and dreaming big dreams.

So I wanted to talk about a few I have read recently:

Work In Progress:


This book was a recommendation from my friends Anne and Elle, and is the memoirs of a New York Times food critic. I’m super in love with it as it plays up to my other passion, cooking, and is detailing places in NYC that I have visited in the last few weeks; mentioning streets I have walked down and areas I’ve seen. Its one of those ones you will read really quickly, immersing yourself in until its done and you feel like you might want to start again.

Returned to the Library:


Was slightly confused by this one. I typically don’t enjoy books that claim to be ‘bestsellers’ I think it gives you a higher expectation in the start, which means you can never fully appreciate it for what it is. I had the same experience with ‘Gone Girl’ (which is still a few chapters read and discarded, waiting for a plane journey or another opportunity to really give it a good go) and I’ve found it hard. The story is pretty anecdotal and quite easy to read – the main character has a colourful history of meetings with Chairman Mao, Reagan and Stalin, but it’s definitely one to decide for yourself.


Last time I was in California my aunt was reading this and said it was beautiful. I avoided it till now on the basis that it was probably a chick lit style book which I tend to shy away from, but it’s beautiful. So beautiful that I cried on the subway and became one of those people you tend to avoid. The crazies.


This wasn’t a book I would normally choose, but im glad I did. A son is accused of shooting a senator, and the story shapes around the father and his quest to find out the truth. It's quite hard to get into but I stayed with it, and felt rewarded that I did.


I love Bridget. I read her growing up, and then I watched her transform into film, and all the while I understood her and totally got it. I was worried that a book where Mark Darcy is missing wasn’t a book I wanted to read, but it took me less than 48 hours to get through, and the boy presumed me dead for the entire time, so still was I reading it in our room. I love the fact that Fielding has dragged Bridget into the modern age, and loved her tweets.

What are you currently reading? A great place for recommendations is Victoria Writes. And she has a cute kitten too….

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