2014 Travel - The Norway Edit

As part of branching out and extending my horizons, I booked a trip to Norway.


There was no particular reason for choosing Norway as a destination, other than it was the cheapest place Easyjet went to, and I found a pretty little apartment on Air BnB. I was sold.

And the whole trip was amazing.


As the plane landed we flew over show capped mountains and gorgeous expanses of water, and were glad we booked the fjord tour for the next day. The trip took us from Bergen through Voss, to Gudvagen and then on a boat trip to Flam, with the final part of the tour taking us on the old fashioned railway from Flam through to Myrdal, and then back to Bergen.

The tour was pretty expensive (it translated to £110 each), and took 8 hours from start to finish. It was a really great way to see a lot of different places when on a really short trip, and the scenery was breathtaking, especially the little villages on the shores of the fjords. I do think however that for the price you pay, it could have done with being a bit less of an independent tour; the bus was a local bus service and had no guide to tell you where you were, only a book that told you what to look out for.


It was peaceful, pretty and out of the ordinary from what we normally see in London, and was a beautiful weekend. I would totally recommend it, however be aware that England is pricy, but it has nothing on the cost of Norway. £10 for a beer?!

Where have you been that surprised you?


Posted on April 1, 2014 and filed under Travel.