Halloweeny Round - Up

I love Halloween. The fake blood and the sense of camaraderie makes me happy, and this year was no different. The girls and I planned a small gathering of friends and booked a night at the London Cocktail Club - one of my favourite bars in town, who were polled as having a Halloween Spooktacular with themed cocktails and bar staff that go bump in the night. Perfect. We assembled with a plethora of outfits; I went as Dead Riding Hood, the boy as Dracula, and various other outfits including the entire line up for KISS. We were excited.

Turns out, London doesn't really do fancy dress. We walked into the bar to a sea of men in suits and women in jeans, and stole the show by waltzing to our reserved area (one step ahead, London crowds) and boogieing the night away to classics such as The Monster Mash.




How was your Halloween?

Posted on November 1, 2013 and filed under Uncategorized.