The Art of Blogging, and Other Pretentious Phrases

Recently my team at work has evolved, and with it we have started a blog. It’s a team effort, with input from different personalities and different subjects to get people involved. Its been really fun.

So this week we decided to offer a new feature, On The Flip Side, where we ask bloggers to guest post on tips they would give to people starting out (if you want to read our first post with the amazing Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy, then click here) Its opened my eyes to a lot of things, and got me thinking about what I would tell people.

When I started this blog, over 3 years ago, I was so reluctant to tell people about it. I had the courage (sounds ridiculous, but to all those who have ever started a blog you'll know what I mean) to press publish, and my Mum read it diligently every day. That was about it. I put the effort in, thought of things to write and used it as a creative outlet, not even thinking that other people might read it.


Fast forward three years and I’m pretty proud. I’ve never quite achieved that elusive Freshly Pressed, but I have some fantastic amounts of people visiting, subscribing and commenting every day. And every time someone elses comments hit me, I’m thankful. Thankful for the fact that someone is taking the time out to read what I have to say.

Sure, I've had negative press, but if someone is bothered enough to talk about you, whether in a complimentary or negative way, they are taking time. So you cant be that bad.

My best advice would be to stick with it. Nothing made me happier than the day something weird happened, and my blog got featured on the front page of StumbleUpon. I woke to stats saying I had achieved 3,200 hits (WHAAAAAT? At 9am?) that day so far, and it snowballed from there. All because a few people hit ‘like’ on a social sharing site. But if you aren’t regularly posting content, then people forget and don’t visit as often. People stop engaging with you and slowly you begin to feel like the kid that didn’t get invited to the birthday party.  Just dont give up!


And don’t follow the crowd! I am never going to be a What I Wore blogger. Mainly because 90% of what I wear is pjs. Some days at work all I can dream of is rushing through my front door and being reunited with my yoga pants. JUST IN CASE I want to do yoga. Or alternative, veg out in my baggies.

My blog is my passion. Sometimes I fall out of love with it, like a tempered child, and sometimes the words pop out of my fingertips and into the keyboard like someone left the gate open to a field of stampeding animals; I cant slow the process and I cant control the flow, but that’s OK. The words have a habit of forming in pools that sound right, and it keeps my brain working.

What do you love most about blogging, and what advice you would give for someone ready to dip their toe?

Posted on October 19, 2013 and filed under Uncategorized.