Expect the Unexpected

Theres something about London; there is always something fun and exciting to do and you can turn a corner and find the unexpected.

This week I have had the chance to be a part of two really cool things that I wouldn’t have been exposed to had I not moved to London.

The first was the Google Christmas party. The invites dropped onto our desk on Wednesday, and on Thursday we went along to Soho to take part in the first Christmas party of the year. Exciting! the invite said “smart casual or your festive finery” and people had definitely bought into the festive theme. All around me were men (it's quite a male industry) with the most epic Christmas jumpers. Snowmen with sticky out carrot noses, a man whose father Christmas jumper had a tassley beard and a whole heap of reindeer. What made it all the more amusing was that it was one of the last days of Movember, so these jumpers were paired with some of the most disturbing taches I had ever seen. Freddy Mercury’s, 80s porn stars, circus performers – the vast range of taches were there.

They also had some really great things to do, my favourite being the room se up where you all dressed up in Christmas dress and posed with props like bottles of wine, Brussel sprouts and a turkey.

This was the result.


Then today, I was invited along to a lunch date with the girls. My best fiend had booked it for her work mates, and someone had dropped out so I was offered the ticket. It was amazing. We turned up at this tiny little café and were escorted to a room in the basement, which had all sorts of props like ball dresses, hats and furs to dress up in. once we each had an outfit, we were served with different types of tea, tiny little finger sandwiches and a variety of cakes and scones. It was awesome!


What did you do this weekend?

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