When Did You Last Squeeze A Boob?

Boobs. Tits. Honkers. Norks... Anyone got any more?

No, I haven’t developed Tourettes (although the thought of walking down the High Street shouting all the names I can think of for boobs is pretty appealing.... I haven’t got much planned this weekend). There is a point behind my ramblings. And I KNEW you'd all be slightly worried at the title of this post, which has me chuckling as I type. Oh, me!

Whatever you choose to refer to them as, half the population are blessed with them, in all shapes and sizes. From Midget Gems (a girl in the office’s fond nickname for hers) to Jordan sized melons and everything in between, they are the subject of much wonder, one two of the differentiating features between us and the men folk.

As one of my male friends so eloquently puts it, the difference is my ‘bumpy jumper’, and I quote ‘more like speed bumps than mole hills’. Err, thanks, I think.

So when I was asked to get involved in the CoppaFeel campaign, I jumped at the chance (well, typed back quickly while sitting down – less effort required). CoppaFeel is a fantastic charity, started by a girl called Kris, who, at 23, discovered she had the most advanced breast cancer that you could get. Forget going out, dancing round her handbag and falling out of the taxi on the way home, she had to deal with the dreaded C word and all that comes with it. The severity of this situation almost goes lost on us who have never experienced such a terrible illness, and if there is anything that can be done, then I for one, will do it.

And it doesn’t take much. It’s basically squeezing your melons. Or getting someone else to squeeze them for you. Wahey!

The lovely ladies at Panache sent me one of their Sports Bra range, especially developed to support the campaign, which came at a fantastic time. I have a very old, let’s say – loved(?) sports bra and I have been contemplating purchasing a new one, since the sales video from working at Shock Absorber is still etched on my brain. It showed the amount of ‘bounce’ a boob would experience in both an ill-fitting sports bra, and without one at all, and quite frankly it gave me nightmares for weeks. I'm lucky that my boobs defy gravity (have to be good at something I suppose!) but all I could think of were children singing the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and subbing ears out, in favour of boobs. But a sports bra is really expensive, and seeing as I don’t ACTUALLY do a lot of sports, the cost per wear of this bonus member of kit would have been high.

Luckily, the Panache CoppaFeel range came to my rescue, and I now have a very fetching bright pink over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, in case I get a whim to do some exercise.

Support the CoppaFeel campaign by heading over to Panache for their sports bra range, or visiting the campaign page here.  The CoppaFeel campaign is a girls version of Movember, where guys grow a 'mo for November, to raise money for testicular cancer. Lets CoppaFeel this month ladies, and do our bit too. Happy squeezing!

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