Obama - The Right Choice

So the US elections are over, and, as far as I am concerned, good triumphed. I have remained (surprisingly) tight lipped through the elections, but if you have read my blog before I’m sure you can guess who I was rooting for (read more here) .

But now I am glad to say that it’s a good thing Obama won, because God help the world if that hadn’t been the outcome. Sure, difference of opinion is a rich thing that the world should encourage, but difference is one thing, and down right ignorance is another.

Mitt Romney’s views are disgusting. There are three main issues that turn my stomach in relation to the Republican campaign:

Their stance on homosexuality: Correct me if I’m wrong, but who cares? We should be focussing more on happiness, and a world where our children’s children are free to be who they want to be, as long as they are happy. If it were me I would be more concerned if my child was a racist thug who went around committing hate crimes, rather than if he or she fell for someone of the same sex. This whole Don’t Ask Don’t tell policy makes me feel sick; under what circumstances does a persons sexual orientation negate their ability to do their job, or in this case, serve their country? Exactly.

Their stance on abortion: I nearly cried when I read the Republican take on pregnancy through rape. God’s will? Pull the other one! That to me is a statement by narrow minded men, and I imagine if they could get pregnant through rape they may see if differently. As if a rape victim hasn’t gone through enough already.

Their stance on equality between races: “I can identify with black people. My family used to have slaves!” Right, great argument. The colour of a persons skin is totally irrelevant, and shouldn’t be a ‘policy’. Come on, the USA has a black president. Again, one group of men who need to be propelled into the 21st century quickly. I imagine they are the type of men who I hated when I worked the bar; the kind that would slap your ass and call you “sweeeedheart”. The kind I wanted to pour their whisky on and tell them to f**k off.

Maybe, in the eyes of the Republicans I am “too young to understand”. Maybe I am “not seeing things clearly”. But maybe I am part of a new generation, a generation who sees everyone as equal and judges people on their merits, not tars them with the same brush and throws people into categories. And maybe, just maybe, I’m out and proud of this fact. I think I represent a new wave of tolerance, something that if everyone embraced, might see a happier world. Call me a hippie, I couldn’t care less.

So, I for one was glad when I woke to see America had a new President, the very same president who has changed the face of America. Love him or hate him, he is the right man for the job. God bless Obama (and FYI Republicans, that’s your God who ‘loves everyone equally’. Not equally, but sort of less equally if you are black, female or gay. Just so we are clear).

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