Under The Sea

I'm sitting here writing while listening to the waves lap on the shoreline, and the wind gently rustles the leaves on the trees above. I imagine its dusk, and as the twilight descends, the sky is turning pink and all you can see from the sand is the calm of the ocean, mimicking my mood.

I imagine? Sure. I imagine. The reality of it is that it's well past witching hour (I'm testament to the fact that Roald Dahl was pulling my leg as a child. The BFG isn't real, and he hasn't come to find me. My eight year old heart lies broken) and I'm listening to the dulcet tones of the sea from an app on my iPhone. Insomnia, my old friend. I wish I could say I've missed you.

And what have I done in the hours your weary heads rested on your pillows? Nothing productive. I've plucked my eyebrows with a magnifying mirror (dangerous habit, often resulting in the accidental removal of most of my eyebrow) given myself an alternative French manicure in lilac and green, changed my duvet cover, finished my book, stared at the ceiling and pondered my life. And now I have resorted to an app with a choice of whale song, metronome, robins chirping (WTF? Don't even ask), frogs (likewise) or the beach.

So please excuse me while I get back to pretending I'm shipwrecked- but in a cool, not-to-worry fashion rather Tom Hanks in that film that I can't remember the title of because I'm tired, but where his best friend is a football.

It's worse than I thought.

The problem with me is I over think things... Oooh, a parrot!! I wonder who else is on the beach.....Gah!! Just gave myself a minor heart attack by lying on the volume button and causing lapping ocean to become more monumental high tide sweeping loungers off and causing residual water damage. Oops. Must try to be more careful!! Normal volume has been resumed but I don't think this is the app for me; it's just making me need a wee.

Just as an aside- if anyone sees me tomorrow looking frazzled, with unbrushed hair or my clothes on inside out, make me a coffee and avert your eyes. We've all been there!!!

Posted on October 4, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.