Want VS Need

I want.

It’s a demand that dances from the mouths of the majority, fuelled by glossy magazines and a throw away culture of opulence and aspirations; always wanting the newest and next generation across our entire lives. It spews disregard in its wake; a mess of rubbish and packing discarded, abandoned feelings and processes, and leaves us feeling empty, and predominantly unfulfilled.

I want success, love, support and money in abundance, but the chances are I won’t get a full house on this one, and to be honest, what would I do with it if I had it? Its fun to build a massive house full of mod cons and objects, but if you have no one to share it with you may as well be sitting in a cardboard box on a street corner, by yourself.

As the Rolling Stones once said, “you can’t always get what you want, well if you try sometimes, then you might well find, you get what you need”

So stripping it back and thinking hard, what do I actually need to survive and flourish? Support and sustenance. That’s all, folks. I need the love and support of the people around me to pick me up and dust me down when I fall, and to celebrate with me when I succeed, and I need to be healthy and sustained to do so. And ultimately, that’s it.

So I can say, hand on my heart, that the people around me are the people I need. I’m impulsive (you might say flighty, but I will beat you) and I lose interest very quickly. I have a short temper, although as my years grow, my fuse grows with them and I’m stubborn to a fault. If I disagree when you tell me to do something, I will struggle to play by the rules. I think it’s the way I’m made.

But despite that, I’m loyal, considerate, and if I love you I’ll never leave you. Just like my little blog, which despite having been absent from in the previous months, I put my hand on my heart and promise to give a little more love. It’s turned into a weedy and overgrown garden, and it’s time to get pruning.

What do you truly need to survive?

Posted on September 27, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.