Higgs Boson Theory

There has been a lot of tooing and froing between the top scientists in the world over the last couple of weeks about the Higgs boson particle, which they are deeming to be the ‘God particle’, and whether they can prove that some sort of atom is responsible for what millions of people think to be God. If they find it, they feel that they will be able to prove what created stars and galaxies and all those things that I find fascinating; a world beyond the world that we live in.

Quite frankly, this doesn’t wash with me. I have mentioned before about the stalemates I came to with first boyfriend by innocently stating that I thought the theory of evolution had gaps in its reasoning, and how this came to mean to him that I was a nut-job and needed re-educating, but I really think that there are gaps in all the theories and maybe the way the world was created sits somewhere in the middle. I’m not religious, and I don’t necessarily believe that there was a big bang, but I don’t have a differing opinion of any standing that I can present as an alternative. I just think that there are arguments with bot, and that they are the opinions of different groups of people. I know that scientists argue that actually there is lots of proof behind some of the theories, but im not sure if I agree. I think the big bang theory is a bit silly, as what banged? But I like the theory of evolution and I like to think that biblical stories aren’t fact, but more guides of how we should live. I mean I don’t agree that thousands of years ago Jonah got eaten by a whale, but at the same time it’s a little like Aesop’s fables to me; stories that have a basis that we should all think about and apply to our lives. I’m one of those people who really annoy theorists, as I don’t actually have an argument for them to reason with, I more shrug my shoulders and utter “meh” when I disagree.

But I think my main standing on the presence of the God particle is that I really don’t want there to be one.

At all.

OK, I might not believe in a divine being that shaped and created us, but I do believe in the idea that we all need something to believe in, whether it is religious or otherwise. I don’t care if people believe in Lady Gaga, Zeus, Father Christmas or any of the other cult figures out there, but I think that if we didn’t have something to believe in, life would be a bit bleaker. I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. You might disagree and think I am a misguided and silly little girl, but this belief has got me through some really tough times and difficult situations, and therefore it’s my crutch. It’s something that I believe in. and I think this is much the same with the millions of people that believe in a God or any kind of religious body. I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s beliefs here at all, I believe that believing in something, whether people deem us to be right or wrong, gives us strength, and faith is a fantastic thing to have.

As John Mayer would say (and I seek him as my life guru for all sorts of sticky situations! :)) “Belief is a beautiful armour, it makes for the heaviest sword.”

For the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Twelve Drummers Drumming.

And Jowett. Didnt think I'd miss you off? Although his comments about grumpy old people and referencing me nearly put him on the naughty list and therefore out of my game! You made Father Christmas cry.

My Eleven Pipers Piping post has to be Lyrical Gangsta, a post I wrote about people messing up the lyrics of songs which is pretty topical after this mornings Christmas parodies on the radio!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve x

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