My Onesie War

The onesie is an item of clothing that really bothers me. Maybe it’s because I am simply not fashionable enough to understand why you would want to leave the house in what is essentially an adult babygro, but I just don’t get it.

The Positives.

I suppose there are positives and negatives to everything, so I’m sure it’s really nice to go out and not have to worry about the wind lifting up your skirt or your top popping up and your kidneys getting cold.

I literally cannot think of anything else positive to say about them. Unless of course you have a small child and your dream in life is to go out matching, in which case this craze was invented for you!

The Negatives

Other than you are in a giant babygro, right? Sure, we have covered that one. The thing that always gets me is people who wear onesies that actually look like dresses. When going to the loo you essentially have to take all your clothes off to actually get to that point, as its all one piece. The ones with straps are OK, you could wear a bra, but the strapless ones take you right down to your undies in one fell swoop.  Knowing my luck, this would be when I fell over, knocked myself out cold and had to be rescued, for all to see. So the strappy ones would be preferable, no? Actually, the answer is no. Its ok for all the svelte little minxes with neat handful boobs, but for anyone with anything more than a B cup, it puts a strain on these, as they tend to have buttons. You inevitably end up looking like you are trying to squeeze yourself into something three sizes too small, with bad consequences. The other sizing issue with the strappy ones is that if you choose one that fits the figure and in which the straps don’t fall off your shoulders, you ALWAYS end up with a camel toe. Which is a horrific concern to ladies up and down the country.

( Image courtesy of Seems that men are in on it too!)

I was brought up to be frugal with electricity and prevent myself from any shocking bills in adulthood, so for this reason I wait toil my washing bin is full to put a load on. That way the machine is full and my Mum doesn’t panic about my bank balance come pay day, so we all end up happier. The onesie would throw this into disrepute though. You would technically have fewer clothes as you would be wearing one garment instead of two or three, so the bin would take longer to fill and actually when you put the wash on you would have nothing else to wear. Except pyjamas, and I guess no one would notice as you look like you are wearing them out anyway…

How do you feel about the onesie? Girls, do you rock them? Guys, do you love or hate them on girls?