We Are Tinkering In The Kitchen!!!

Little Tinkers,

Thank you for all the kind words over the last week or so and I apologise for the dramatic "I bid you adieu" and then no more posts!

I'm sick again, (it doesn't rain, it pours!!) so I've barely raised my head from the pillow this weekend, but I am starting to feel a little more alive.

And I have good news! Jules has taken the helm on the new project and cooked up some great stuff, so we are now operating on our own blog at www.tinkeringinthekitchen.com.

It might not stay looking like that as we are deliberating behind the scenes as to turning it into something fabulous! But we would love you to follow us there too. We promise it will be just as amusing :)

In fact, we are running a bit of a competition; if we can get 300 subscribers before Christmas we will give away this fantastic gift.

The Hummingbird Bakery is quintessentially British; a bakery first set up in Covent Garden and brought the Red Velvet Cupcake into the public eye! I'm pretty terrible at cupcakes but I have this book and I can guarantee they rarely go wrong, so good are the recipes. We are also aiming to get 300 followers on Twitter (@Kitchen_Tinker) in this time too, so if you enter on Twitter and subscribe you will automatically get entered twice. Yay!!

We will announce the winner at random on the 1st of January if we reach the target, and pop the prize in the post there and then, so one of you lucky people will get a lovely prize to blow away the January blues! If you don't want to be entered please follow us anyway, we need the support!

This is available to everyone, so get following!

And just as an aside, thanks for all the positive comments and great response to our new effort. Jules and I are very touched.

Lots of Love



Posted on November 30, 2011 and filed under Food and Eating.