Let The Bake Off Begin ~ Hallowe'en Special

This weekend, I decided to do some baking. I don't do it very often (you can see the results from last time here) but I thought Hallowe'en might be a fun time to crack out the flour and icing sugar and get cooking! I wanted to make some cupcakes for Lilly and started off with pink to try to pipe some brains onto the top of them. It went wrong.

The icing was too runny and when piped it oozed everywhere, so as Lilly loves pink I made her her very own ones with a spider and a monster, and some mini chocolate finger cakes.

Spooky spiders with googly eyes!


A wicked witch and Jack Skellington.

Vampire Bat

The finished products! What do you guys think?

Don't forget to enter my fancy dress competition; so far I have had entries from Antony and Cleopatra, Kiss, some punks, a mummy and some other fantastic costumes!

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