Competition Alert! Who Dresses The Fanciest?

I’ve been thinking of ways to say thank you to everyone who follows me and takes the time to read my ramblings on a daily basis, and have been thinking about a competition for a bit of fun. I was umming and ahhing over what the prize should be as my readers are so diverse in terms of sex, age and geo-location, but when writing a post about Halloween it came to me!

(EPP and I. She was a rag doll and I was a bat)

The task:

1)      Subscribe to my blog and send me a picture of you in your best fancy dress outfit ( You know, the one where you totally rocked it and were immensely proud of your effort… not the one where you grabbed a witches hat and went in your joggies. It could be fancy dress from the up and coming Halloween celebrations, or if, like me, you are fending off the Bubonic Plague and are more likely to be in your most heinous PJs in bed then it could be a past fancy dress party you have been to. You know me, I don’t care! All I want to see is your wicked imaginations running riot, after all if you put the effort in for it then why not share it with the world!

(Choppy and I as half-hearted witches last year. We ended up ditching the hats and going to Fifty Five in Camden)

If you don’t want everyone to see it then let me know and I won’t post it (unless you win. Sorry about that!) but otherwise ill share with you some of the good ones while the competition runs.  If your kids rock the fancy dress and you are a bit rubbish then by all means enter them instead :)

(RoCo and I for one of Choppy's famed fancy dress parties. The theme was cowboys and indians. We were the only indians!)

2)      Follow me on Twitter and Facebook (please see sidebar to the right) and leave a message telling us all that you want to be in the running! I would also really appreciate it if you could retweet or repost the competition on either one of these, but I'm not going to come over all SAS about it :)

If you are afraid of technology and can just about muster commenting on the blog then you are more than welcome to skip this step.

That’s it folks! Leave the rest to me.

The prize:

I'm keeping my eye out for something just right, but it will be something Christmas themed ready for the countdown to Christmas. Who said I couldn’t shake off the Grinch?!

The rules:

One entry per person, please see reverse for details :) Competition starts this very second and ends at 9am English time on the 12th of November. At which point I will ask Little Bean (the fancy dress oracle) to choose a winner. She is fair and wise, so I’m sure the best will reign supreme!

(Team Halloween. L:R - A mime, a dead milk maid (?!), a vampire, a bat, 2x dead guys, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde)

PS Pitch in! If my mother is the only one that enters I'llcry, and she already has a house full of Christmas stuff in December. It’s a bit like Santa’s grotto in Elf.

Good luck!

Posted on October 28, 2011 and filed under Competition.