Daddy's Little Girls - A Post to My Dad

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection.” -Sigmund Freud

Once upon a time, around fifty years ago there was a little boy. His name was Kevin and I didn’t know him. I know that he was tall and  skinny, and a beautiful mischievous little boy who loved fishing, watching the birds and playing football with the other little boys. Kevin lived for a time in Singapore, and then came home with his Mummy, his Daddy and his little sister Karen and remained in Hampshire.

Then, nearly twenty five years ago, Kevin became Dad. It wasn’t a surprise, he knew he was going to become Dad, but I don’t think he knew how successful he would be.

Twenty five years later and Dad is celebrating his birthday today. And I wanted to write a post to share with you all the great things about that boy who became Dad, because you aren’t as lucky as I am (sorry about that).

Dad is my favourite man in the world. Often he can be a bit further down my favourite list, but he still averages number one position. Sometimes we fight (I am fiery, he is introverted) but I know he is still mine. He’s never not going to be.

Dad once threw himself out of a plane with the Red Devils. Super brave.

Dad doesn’t always understand, but Dad is always supportive. He might come across as a bit negative to me with all my thoughts and dreams, but I see he just doesn’t want me to get hurt.

Dad is highly regarded. Everyone I know loves Dad.

My favourite story about Dad came recently when Row’s mum told her that she always liked him because he always buttoned our coats up and checked our laces when he picked me and the Little Bean up from school. As is with memory, I don’t remember being picked up from school, but this made me a bit teary. Dad is cute.

So happy birthday Daddy, you might not feel it sometimes but two little girls think you are the best daddy in the world.

"To the world you may be one man, to one (wo)man you're the world."

And yes guys, that's me. I'm the tiddler (except the little blond tiddler in the middle, that's Little Bean). Isn't my dad handsome?

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